With our mission to excite and unite the next generation of Scandinavians in the US, we bring people together for fun, Scandinavian events is essential. All are welcome to our dynamic line up of events.

Athletic Events

Core to the Scandinavian culture of being active outdoors, we host lively athletic events in urban Minneapolis locations. During the last year, our events have included lakeside spikeball tournaments and an alley soccer tournament. 

Social Events

Celebrating the long nights of summer is a strong tradition of each Nordic country. As a result, Midsommar has began hosting summer rooftop events in Minneapolis to savor warm nights with great people. 

Minneapolis Home Cocktail Party

This summer, we are looking to host a cocktail party at a beautiful Minneapolis home in the lakes area of the city. We are currently reaching out to local homeowners to try and set up a phenomenal event and experience for all. If you are interested in hosting an event at your home, please enter your contact information below and we will reach out.

To inquire about events:

Rooftop Party Recap