Brand Ambassadors

Introducing our Midsommar Brand Ambassador Team at Gustavus Adolphus College. Gustavus is where it all started, and with our shared Scandinavian roots, it’s only appropriate to launch this program here.

Meet Lucy, Ethan, Meg and Rachel!

Ambassadors (left to right):
Lucy Nelson - Lucy is from Edina, MN and will graduate with a degree in Business Management in 2019. Her family proudly comes from Sweden and Norway. She traveled to Sweden, Norway and Denmark through a Gustavus study abroad program in the spring of 2017.
Ethan Dwyer - Ethan is from LeSueur, MN and is majoring in Psychology. He will graduate this June from Gustavus. He attributes his Scandinavian roots to his grandmothers side. Ethan and his family love coffee (fika!) and he enjoys the Swedish food they eat around the holidays. He studied in Denmark and was able to travel to Sweden to visit friends and vacation with his family. 
Meg Brown - Meg hails from Chaska, MN and will be graduating with a degree in Communication in 2020. Her family has Norwegian roots and she hopes to travel to Norway some day. Every Christmas and Easter she makes lefse with all the ladies in her family to keep the tradition alive for generations.
Rachel Belvedere - Rachel's is from Edina, MN and will be double majoring in Environmental Studies & Geography, graduating in 2020. She took a DNA test from and discovered she is 48% Scandinavian. Her favorite tradition is celebrating Christmas with her family & eating Scandinavian treats like lefse!