About Us

Midsommar is the height of summer. In the northern parts of Scandinavia, the sun never sets. Light fills the sky, leaving no time for darkness. Joy, laughter, and warmth permeate these 24 hours as families and friends gather to honor the traditions of their heritage, while celebrating their lives of today. These 24 hours are longed for in the doldrums of winter and anxiously awaited in the late days of spring. This day of celebration unites the Nordic countries as they each celebrate this amazing time in their unique ways.

Our Team

Our team seeks to inspire this Midsommar feeling in everything we make. You may not live in Scandinavia and it may not be Midsommar every day, but we believe you can feel a piece of this joy in your daily life. 

Where to Buy

We are currently seeking out relationships with retailers across Minnesota. If you are or have a suggestion of a place you would like to see Midsommar Clothing, email us at stephan@midsommar.co.